To Bike the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the great American adventures. This site was created on 10/04/12.  Suggestions for design and content are welcome. This site is about the great adventure of riding your bike On the Blue Ridge  Parkway.Please do not list if you do not want bikes at your place of business! Why waste every ones time? This site is being brought to you by the John Harmon Gallery In Roaring Gap, If you need assistance or help to make your ride better stop by  DIRECTIONS call 336.363.9138 email John@JohnHarmon.com
Riding the parkway in one direction is only half the ride, it rides different both going North and South. The Mountain terrain also lends itself to quickly changing vistas, during the day the views change dramatically. Vary your ride times on each trip. Seasons change the feel, after the leaves fall you can see the bones of the mountains. So ride the Blue Ridge more than once in a new direction, season and time. Also if you don’t like the weather wait a while, it will change.

The American Dream